Activities in Mallorca

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Activities in Mallorca

If you are an adventurous, active person and you are looking for some exhilaration, Mallorca is the perfect destination for your holidays; there are thousands of events and activities in Mallorca to do. There is so much more to the island than just glorious beaches.


Mallorca is a beautiful island with lots of culture and is world renowned as the perfect resort destination, its success is due both to the good weather in Mallorca and to the   diversity of activities and events available on the island.


In today's post we are going to recommend some different activities in Mallorca that will allow you to get to know the island better and, in turn, make the most of your holidays. Why not explore Mallorca by sea and by land or perhaps better said by air?


Balloon flight Mallorca


One of the best activities in Mallorca, allowing you to discover the island from a unique vantage point, as well as being very romantic, is a Mallorca balloon flight. One of the more unusual activities in Mallorca, an ideal holiday experience to share with your loved one.


The best time for this a magical experience is to book your balloon flight over Mallorca at around 8.00pm, that way, you can watch the incredible Mallorca sunset. A picturesque sunset at an altitude of 500m with a glass of cava in your hand makes for an unforgettable holiday. The sunsets in Mallorca are extra special, as the sun goes down, the sky and the sea turn reddish until the sun disappears over the horizon.


Taking a balloon flight over Mallorca is not excessively expensive, especially when taking into account the overall experience and what you get for your money; a 1-hour flight, including a bottle of cava and a photo montage that captures those special memories, all for approximately 180 euros.


On top of that, taking a balloon flight over Mallorca is one of the best activities in Mallorca to surprise that special person in your life.



Paragliding Mallorca


Another of the activities on the island, one that also includes great heights, is paragliding around Mallorca. A perfect pursuit to release adrenaline and release tension. One of the magical activities in Mallorca that will provide the sensation of flying whilst enjoying the stunning landscape below.


The best location to enjoy paragliding in Mallorca is Alcúdia, thanks to the hot air currents that originate in the area during the summer months. From there, you will get unique views of the Serra de Tramuntana and the Bays of Alcúdia and Pollensa.


Also, if you like risks and want an added adrenaline rush, ask your guide to perform some extra stunts during your paragliding flight in Mallorca; undoubtedly one of the best activities in Mallorca, for lovers of extreme sports.



Boat trip Mallorca


Now is the time to get to know the island by sea, and one of the most popular activities in Mallorca, is the Mallorca boat trip. We recommend two tours that will show you the most beautiful areas of the coastline of Mallorca.


The best area for your boat trip in Mallorca is from the municipality of Alcúdia. A municipality that has its own harbour with a wide variety of companies offering this service in Mallorca.

There are several options for your boat trip Mallorca:


The first option is the Glass Bottom Boat. Special boats with transparent floors so that during the excursion along the coast you can see the marine fauna and flora under your feet, it gives a fascinating insight into life below the waves. This boat excursion in Mallorca is usually accompanied by dolphin watching.  Watching the dolphins at the play is an amazing experience not to be missed.


The second option is for the most daring, for those who are looking for more an adrenaline rush and is not suitable for the faint of heart, the Jetboat trip. Experience a unique adrenaline rush as you race through the water in a jet boat at over 70km/h along the coast with wild cornering maneuvers.


Diving in Mallorca


One of the most wonderful and exciting activities in Mallorca is diving. Diving in Mallorca is the perfect way to immerse yourself in another dimension and connect with life underwater.


The best option for diving in Mallorca is the northeast coast of the island, specifically Alcúdia or Pollensa, a privileged area for divers. There are many aquatic schools in both municipalities with courses for different levels and with different routes. Although, what really makes Alcúdia and Pollensa so special for diving in Mallorca are its calm waters and the endless caves, fauna and marine flora that inhabit them.


Barracudas, octopuses, moray eels, castanets, nudibranchs, salps and even croakers are some of the marine species that you will be able to see during your dive. In addition, in the area of Alcúdia and Pollensa there are several shipwrecks that you can explore during your diving classes in Mallorca.


Without a shadow of a doubt, diving in Mallorca has to be one of the most popular activities and an experience that shouldn’t be missed during your holidays in Mallorca.



Astoria Playa


To carry out all kinds of activities in Mallorca and enjoy your holidays on the island to the max, it is essential to have the best accommodation. Astoria Playa is the ideal hotel for your holidays in Majorca. The hotel has the best possible location, Alcúdia, the best municipality with the best activities in Mallorca.


Astoria Playa is an adults-only hotel, perfect for couples who come to explore and discover the island. Our facilities are first class, and our location is perfect; within the municipality of Alcúdia, just 150 meters from the beach of Alcúdia. At Astoria Playa, we also have two pools with pool bar service and Bali beds, to enjoy a sunny day with the best cocktails. In addition, we have rooms with all kinds of luxuries and amenities such as private Jacuzzis.


In short, Astoria Playa is your best choice to spend an unforgettable vacation. Just worry about enjoying the different activities that the island has to offer and the beautiful treasures that are hidden in the paradise of Mallorca.