Cycling hotels in Mallorca

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Cycling hotels in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most popular places in Europe to go cycling, people travel from all over the world to the beautiful island of Mallorca every year to enjoy cycling around its wonderful countryside. What’s more, if you happen to be one of those lucky people, then choosing the right cycling hotel in Mallorca is a must! You need a hotel where you have everything close by so you can make the most of your favourite sport. Another fantastic way to make your trip to Mallorca an unforgettable experience is being able to relax in style after a hard day’s cycling.  

 Most Cycling hotels have everything you need including renting you a bike if you prefer to leave yours at home. A good Cycling Hotel will have most things you require to tackle the wide variety of cycling routes that can be found in Mallorca. But if you want to book your stay in the perfect hotel for cycling, one that has everything a cyclist could wish for! Then we would like to recommend the best hotel for cyclists in Mallorca: The Astoria Playa hotel. 

 But before we tell why, we would like to mention a few things about cycling in Mallorca, such as the different routes that can be done on the island and what amenities a cycling hotel in Mallorca should offer, so that you know all your cycling requirements are covered during your holidays in Mallorca. 

 We would like to focus on Alcudia, a beautiful area located in the north of Mallorca. Not only is it extremely popular for its crystalline beaches, but also for all the cycling routes that this wonderful town in Mallorca has to offer. Read on to find out everything!

Cycling in Majorca

Mallorca is a paradise for lovers of cycling, this is thanks to the number of routes in Mallorca suitable for both amateurs and professionals alike.

In addition, because of the sheer number of cyclists who come to the island, there are plenty of facilities available, cyclists don´t lack for anything when it comes to enjoying their favourite sport. Don`t worry if you don`t want to travel with your bike, there are plenty of places to rent bikes in Mallorca, many offer a wide variety of bikes, so it is easy to choose the one that best suit you and the type of cycling routes you want to tackle during your stay in Mallorca. 

 The pleasant weather in Mallorca accounts for the popularity of cycling in Mallorca. The high season for cycling is from February to April, although throughout the year you will still find many cyclists on the streets and roads of Mallorca. 

Mallorca also holds a large number of cycling competitions throughout the year. Some of the best known is the Mallorca 312 and the Challenge Ciclista Mallorca giving amateurs the chance to ride along with the professionals. 

Cycling routes in Mallorca

After the weather, another great reason for Mallorca’s popularity with cyclists is the wide variety of routes, whether as a destination to train or just to simply enjoy your favourite sport. You can find all kinds of routes, from some in the centre of Mallorca with less elevation and some that go through the Serra de Tramuntana, where you can find some of the best hill climbing in the world. 

Some of the best-known cycling routes in Mallorca are the Formentor Lighthouse, the Coll de Sóller or the Camí de l'Arxiduc. All these routes are located in the spectacular Serra de Tramuntana; they are the perfect option if you are looking for a challenge and many are ideal for both professionals and amateurs looking to improve their stamina.

In the centre of Mallorca, known as Es Pla de Mallorca, you can also find easier routes suitable for beginners. A route links all the towns in this area, perfect for exploring some of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca. These Mallorca cycling routes usually wind along Mallorcan roads that carry only local traffic. The towns and villages offer some wonderful places to stop off and grab a bite to eat.

The best thing about the cycling routes in Mallorca is that many of them are circular. Allowing you to explore more places without having to spend time retracing your steps. In addition, cycling is a magnificent way to enjoy the pleasant weather in Mallorca and to see all the spectacular and varied landscapes that Mallorca has to offer. 

 A Cycling hotel in Alcudia

Choosing Alcudia is one of the best options for anyone coming to Mallorca to do some cycling. Why? Alcudia is a great starting point for some of the best routes on the island and has a dedicated cycling hotel that offers a vast number of specialist facilities for cyclists. 

Another of the advantages of choosing a cycling hotel in Alcudia is that, after enjoying a day in the saddle cycling around Mallorca, you can enjoy the spectacular beaches of Alcudia. You can choose between virgin coves or long beaches of fine golden sand. 

 As we have mentioned before some of the best routes start from Alcudia, the Formentor Lighthouse is one of the most popular, loved for its beauty and atmosphere, but there are others, such as the one that takes you to the beautiful beach of Es Coll Baix or another that will take you up to the Ermita de la Victoria. 

Choosing a hotel with specialist cycling facilities in Alcudia as your base to explore Mallorca is, without a doubt, the perfect option. You will find everything you need to make your cycling trip to Mallorca unforgettable. 

 The Astoria Playa

 The Astoria Playa is the best cycling hotel. in Mallorca and just what you are looking for. Our hotel offers the best of comforts with spectacular rooms that are both spacious and bright, ideal for relaxing after a day´s cycling. We are located just a few meters from the sea, and we have everything you need so that your cycling holiday in Mallorca you will never want to forget.

Our Astoria Playa hotel has been designed so you can travel to Mallorca with your bike or rent one at our fabulous Astoria Bike Center, we have all the facilities you need to keep you pedalling around Mallorca. 

We have guides to show you the most beautiful routes in Mallorca, as well as all kinds of bikes so you can choose the one that best suits you, we have the equipment, the parking... And so much more!

If you want to enjoy Cycling in Mallorca to the fullest, choose the Astoria Playa hotel!