Easter in Mallorca

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Easter in Mallorca

Easter is perfect for a short break just before the busy summer season,  to make a quick getaway to somewhere incredible, such as Mallorca, an island full of charms and wonders waiting for you. Easter in Mallorca is incredibly special, it offers you the chance to explore and enjoy the deeply rooted Mallorcan traditions and immerse yourself in its culture. Easter is a particularly important week in Mallorca with lots of special events, learning about its traditions is a great way to discover some of Mallorca´s history.



Easter food

Easter in Mallorca stands out for many reasons, but the one thing that puts it above the rest is the incredible Easter delicacies. In Mallorca, you can try some of the most delicious Easter treats imaginable.  The desserts and sweets dishes are the main stars at Easter in Mallorca, if you are one of those people who has a sweet tooth then Easter in Mallorca will enchant you.  But don´t worry if you don´t, during Easter in Mallorca you can also enjoy some delicious savoury dishes such as “Mallorcan frit” or “Mallorcan empanada”. We recommend you try these three very typical Easter dishes during your visit to Mallorca!



Mallorcan empanadas

The word empanada means something wrapped in bread dough. This is what Mallorcan empanadas exactly are, meat and peas wrapped in dough. Mallorcan empanadas are linked to the typical Jewish empanadas. The Jews of Mallorca added lard to their traditional empanadas to avoid the  attentions of the  inquisition and subsequent persecution.  As we have mentioned earlier, Mallorcan empanadas are filled with meat, usually pork, and peas. However, they can be filled with any type of meat or fish, such as cuttlefish, lamb or just vegetables.  Today not all empanadas are made with lard so even your vegan friend can also enjoy this Mallorcan delicacy.


Making empanadas at Easter is a  family event in Mallorca, the whole family usually gets involved in the process of making their own empanadas and enjoying tasting them fresh out of the oven. Thanks to their very particular shape, they are the perfect  individual snack food. When you come to  Mallorca At Easter, you really must take an empanada with you while you explore all the corners of the island, they can be enjoyed anywhere, the beach, the town or on a hike.




The concept of rubiols is similar to that of Mallorcan empanadas. However,  they are sweet and a very typical  Easter  dish in Mallorca. This delicious pastry, like the empanada has Jewish origins and is related to the dry pastries made without yeast consumed during the Hebrew festival of Passover. To prepare, mix sugar, eggs, lard, orange juice, and flour to make a dough. Once the rubiols dough is made,  roll it out, and then cut circles of about 20 centimetres in diameter. Once you have the circles ready, it's time to fill them! There is no specific recipe to fill the rubiols, and we recommend that you put in whatever you like the most.  However, the most traditional fillings are fruit jams, a ricotta style cheese known as requesón, baker´s cream, and “Cabello de Angel “  spaghetti squash jam. Place the filling on these circles and close the dough pieces to form crescent shaped pastries and bake.


In Palma de Mallorca, you will find many patisseries specializing in  these typical Mallorcan  treats where you can enjoy traditional flavours of Easter. To find the best rubiols in Mallorca is very easy, simply lose yourself in the narrow streets of Palma de Mallorca until you find a traditional pastry shop. However, if you want to try some innovative flavours, in Mallorca you will find some very avant-garde varieties that will amaze you.; One of our favourites is  rubiol filled with dulce de leche.




Do you remember how rubiols´ dough was prepared? Well, you're in luck! Now you know how to prepare crespells.  Very typical at Easter in Mallorca, crespells can made in different shapes, to make crespells you simply follow the same recipe for the dough as above. Once you have rolled out the dough cut it into any shape you fancy.


The most typical shapes of the crespells of Mallorca are stars, flowers, and hearts, the most popular shape of the Mallorcan Crespells is the sixth point star or Star of David due to their Jewish origins. Although, today, you can find cutters in any shape you can imagine. So, if you want to make crespells shaped like a fish, bicycle, or Godzilla… Go for it! Once you have cut them out,  bake them in a preheated oven and voilà,  your crespells are ready. Crespells are the perfect accompaniment to a coffee with friends, and if it's on a Mallorcan terrace, even better. Now that you know how to make them, you can surprise everyone with this delicious delicacy so typical of Mallorca.



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