Good weather in Alcudia until the end of August

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Good weather in Alcudia until the end of August

The good weather will continue in Alcudia during the second half of August, although it is forecasted rain for two consecutive days, however this will not bring a significant drop in temperatures, and they will remain above 30 °C. Therefore, we will have some summer rains, these are a typical characteristic for this time of the year, and it is always appreciated as it helps to clean and refresh a little of the atmosphere over Mallorca.The sun will continue to reign in the second half of August in Alcudia and all of the north of the island.


Therefore, it will be a good time to enjoy the beach and the water sports that are available as well as the other possibilities that are offered to the holiday makers, and we have many. However, there are two days you may not have to think of what to do in Alcudia especially when it rains, because, on Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st, there are scheduled rains, although light in strength.These rains will bring a slight drop in temperatures, three days before and they should reach on average around 36 °C, 37 °C and 35 °C, dropping to around to 33°C and 31ºC, respectively, during the two days that it will rain.


This will mean that the atmosphere will be pleasant even in the prevised period of rain, because at no time will the thermometer drop below 24°C, and this will only be reached at night, thus making it easier to sleep.Winds will be a moderate northwest during the early days of the second fortnight of August , to give way to other weak winds from the south, northwest, west and southwest, depending on the day but they will not exceed 11 kilometers per hour. Therefore, this month we will bid farewell in Alcudia to the high temperatures but not so excessively, with some very localised light rains noted in the calendar and moderate to light winds; factors that, placed together, will help you to enjoy a good holiday.


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