Hiking in Mallorca

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Hiking in Mallorca

Mallorca is a wonderful island, a special place for a very unique holiday, but makes Mallorca so remarkable? Well, the perfect combination of an incredible climate, an unsurpassed natural environment and a wide variety of accommodation available. Mallorca's Mediterranean climate means it enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year, so no matter when you come, you are sure to have a great time.  Also, thanks to the number of visitors that Mallorca receives, the amount of things to do on holiday will surprise you.  Mallorca has all the creature comforts you need for a holiday filled with relaxation and fun.



Its fantastic natural environment makes Mallorca stand out as one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. In Mallorca, you will find some of the most stunning coves and beaches imaginable, perfect places to take a dip and enjoy an incredible landscape. Another of the island´s great natural attractions is the Serra de Tramuntana, which is perfect for hiking in Mallorca. When trekking along one of many hiking trails that go through the Serra de Tramuntana you will discover some of the most magical  hidden corners this special island has to offer.




Hiking routes in Mallorca


If you want to get to know the island by hiking around Mallorca but are afraid of losing your way, we have good news! Most of the most popular routes are very well marked with signs and landmarks, the paths are well maintained so that hikers can enjoy their hike to the fullest. If this does not convince you, below we list you some of the most popular hiking routes in Mallorca for you to try out during your visit.



The Watchtower of Alcúdia


The Atalaya de Alcúdia is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Mallorca , it starts from the Ermita de la Victoria and ascends to the top of the Atalaya de Alcúdia. The path is very easy to follow, you won´t get lost, although initially, the trail can be a little challenging. But, when you get to the top, all your efforts will have been rewarded by the breath-taking views of the Bay of Alcúdia. From the Alcúdia Watchtower, you can descend to El Coll Baix, which is one of the most spectacular beaches in Mallorca. The only drawback, if you decide to go down to Coll Baix, is the length of your hike. So, we leave it up to you whether to turn round or continue on.  But we honestly say, hand on heart, it is an amazing trek.



Port of Pollensa - Cala Boquer


This hiking route in Mallorca is one of the most stunning, starting out from Puerto de Pollensa, awfully close to Alcúdia, and ends at  Cala Boquer. It is a quite simple route, about 5km, ending in one of the most beautiful coves in Mallorca, perfect for cooling off with a refreshing dip in the clear blue Mediterranean waters. Can you imagine a better way to spend your time? We can´t!  This is not a circular route,  you have to come back the way you went in,  following the same smuggler´s path you walked on the way in.



Hiking Routes around Mallorca

There are so many Mallorca excursions it’s hard to decide which one you should choose to begin your hiking adventure. So far, we have shown you some in the surrounding areas of Alcúdia that we think you will love. However, in the westernmost part of the Serra de Tramuntana, you will find plenty of other trails that will fascinate you. Thanks to the enormous range of the Serra de Tramuntana,  there are so many hiking routes to choose from. We have already shown you 2 easy hiking routes which will take you to some incredible places, but if you are looking for a bit more of a challenge, below are two somewhat more demanding excursions in Mallorca, but are worth considering as they are two of the most fantastic hiking trails to be found in Mallorca.



The Camí de s'Arxiduc


The Camí de s'Arxiduc is one of the most popular hiking routes in Mallorca, especially among mountain lovers. The name of the Camí de s'Arxiduc, the Archduke's Path, comes from the fact that this path was built by Archduke Luís Salvador of Austria. The Archduke's love for Mallorca is well known by many, and this spectacular trail  attests to that.


This quintessential Mallorca path begins in the emblematic town of Valldemosa and is made up of a circular route of about 8km. We are not going to lie to you, the beginning of the excursion is a bit hard going, to say the least. However, once the first hurdles have been passed, it is a fairly easy hiking route in Mallorca to follow. Plus, it will reward you with spectacular views from the top of one of the most imposing cliffs in Mallorca. Following this path, it is easy to understand why the Archduke fell in love with Mallorca.



The Galatzó


The Galatzó is one of the most iconic mountains in Mallorca, climbing up to its peak is an excursion that we simply must recommend. Although you can reach the top from different towns in the Serra de Tramuntana, we suggest that you start your ascent up the mountain from the pretty village of Estellencs. The total distance of the excursion is about 11km, roundtrip, so we recommend that you start walking early in the morning. The best thing about going up to Galatzó is that the path is  perfectly signposted and easy to follow. The legend of Comte Mal heralds from this spectacular peak, but we´ll let you discover it for yourself.  We will only say that if you like ghost stories, then this one will make your hair stand on end!




The Astoria Playa


We are not surprised that, after reading about hiking in Mallorca, you are eager to start discovering all the corners of Mallorca.  However, before you start exploring this fantastic island, you need the best accommodation, a comfortable and quiet place to recharge your batteries after a long day hiking. The Astoria Playa Hotel has everything you need for an unforgettable holiday discovering the unique beauty of Mallorca.  Relax at our adults-only hotel in Alcúdia, in an exclusive atmosphere, where it is up to you how to spend your dream holiday. Our spacious rooms are the ideal place to wake up in and start discovering Mallorca, step by step. If you like to pamper yourself and you are passionate about discovering new places, the Astoria Playa Hotel is the place for you.