Restaurants in Alcudia

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Restaurants in Alcudia

The four-star superior Astoria Playa hotel in Alcúdia is where you play the starring role in your holiday story. At the Astoria Playa we strive, every day, to achieve excellence and ensure the comfort our guests, both inside and outside our hotel walls. We want to make make your stay in Mallorca a dream come true.


Our dedication to our guests began long before the hotel was built which is why we chose the site for the hotel very carefully, the Astoria Playa hotel is ideally located, very close to many of Alcudia’s leisure facilities and restaurant areas.


Within our hotel kitchens you will find the most exquisite flavours to tantalize your taste buds, but we also appreciate that there maybe be the odd occasions where you would like to dine out. So, with that in mind we have complied a list of some of the best restaurants nearby, where you can enjoy some new sensations, either alone or in good company.


The best restaurants in Puerto de Alcudia

In Alcudia there are almost 200 restaurants, so it is important to know what style of cuisine you are looking for and therefore which restaurant can serve you best. The following restaurants have all been  recommended personally by our guests.


Sa Roqueta Wine & Food. Rated 5/5 on TripAdvisor. Specializing in Mediterranean food with an Italian touch. It offers a sumptuous wine cellar to complement  a romantic and elegant evening. Its highest rated dishes are pizza and pasta, handcrafted by expert chefs. Although if you fancy  fresh fish, they can also surprise you with their most unusual recipes.


Smith's Café-Bar-Restaurant. A more relaxed and informal atmosphere, here you will find a lighter menu with pizza, nachos, salads, and pasta. Without a doubt, their specialty is cocktails,  a perfect venue for an unforgettable night; it is also a well-known venue for live concerts.


The Himalaya, an Indian Nepalese Restaurant. If you are  looking to be a bit more adventurous and you are up for  trying some new flavours, then this  is the  place for you . Exotic and variety are the words that are often used to describe this place, ranked fifth in the list of the best restaurants in Alcúdia by TripAdvisor.


The Posidonia Restaurant Mar i Terra.  If you are looking to impress your partner with fine dining at a distinguished restaurant or perhaps a special place for a special proposal, then Mar i Terra is perfect. It offers a great menu, and its specialty is paellas. They are famed for both their service, which is exquisite, and the presentations of  their dishes.


 Most likely, where you live there are already Mediterranean or Italian restaurants but because you lead such busy lives,  you do not have time to go as oftenh as you'd like as often as you'd like, so why not take the opportunity while on holiday to try out one of the above restaurants and  if you are looking for some different experiences, explore new sensations and create some new memories? If so, we can recommend the following 10 restaurants. Why? Because they are a compilation of Indian, Japanese, Chinese, American, Thai establishments ... they will carry your tastebuds beyond the shores of Mallorca : 5 Océanos, Pham' Sushi, Tropical Poke, Picco, Indian Fushion, Namaste Indian Restaurant the wine side , Setio Oriente, Country Burger, Datoka Tex Mex and PekingDuck.


If you need any directions to find any of the above restaurants our reception staff will be more than happy to help.


The best leisure spots in Alcudia

There are many other things you can do in Alcudia other than some tasting the most unexpected and delivious flavours. If you want to discover places that will make you fall in love and make you forget everything you have experienced during the  past year? You have come to the right place.


Playa de Muro. A few minutes on this beach and you´ll understand why it is one of the most wonderful places you will ever find. It spans the entire bay of Alcudia , you can enjoy an endless list of water and mountain sports. And if you do not fancy been very energetic, why not take a tour on a glass boat or visit the local street market.


Visit the walled old town . Alcúdia is surrounded by impressive medieval walls. These walls, many years ago, used to protect the city from Barbary pirates.Today the fragments of that protection remain, especially in the gateways “ Porta de sebastia” and “ Porta del Moll”. Get caught up in ALcudia's history and let it transport to a bygone age.


Outdoor sports, the list is never ending: Cycling, hiking tours, golf, scuba diving, kitesurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, boat trips and excursions on the Bay of Alcudia… for the more adventurous.


The traditional market of Alcudia.A perfect outdoor plan.  This market is only held on Tuesdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. o 1 p.m. making it extra special. It is one of the most famous markets in Mallorca, it has a part dedicated to the sale of farm products and another to textile products.


Hidropark Alcudia water park. A 40 thousand square metre water park, with countless water attractions and slides. The perfect plan for an unforgettable fun-packed day.


Astoria Playa Restaurants


At Astoria Playa we work diligently to make your stay 100% perfect . That is why we want to make sure that every moment is magical. Inside the hotel, you have at your fingertips the best national and international cuisine in our buffet restaurant: Blau Blue.


Just as we strive to give our guests the highest standards of elegance and to make our guests' stay as comfortable as possible, we also have our standards. Men, please wear long pants to dine at Blau Blue and avoid wearing sleeveless tops.


If you want to have lunch, try our Snack Astoria, where you will find the most delicate salads and vegetarian dishes. And of course,... pizzas, pastas, and snacks.

At both Astoria Lounge and ChillOut Tequilla you will enjoy a much more relaxed atmosphere, where our professionally trained bartenders will prepare the best cocktails you have ever tried. So what are you waiting for? Start writing your story of your holiday in Alcúdia now.