Scuba diving in Mallorca

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Scuba diving in Mallorca

Scuba Diving is one of the most popular activities for all those adventurers who come to visit Mallorca. People from all over the world come to the island to dive and discover all that our coasts hide. 

Moreover, the Mediterranean Sea teams with life and this fact is reflected in the great variety of marine species that you can find around Mallorca’s shoreline; from the largest species to the smallest, you can see them all. Most of them  live in a unique habitat, created by the well-known Posidonia Oceanica; also known as the Lung of the Mediterranean.  

In Mallorca, there are many marine reserves which means that the areas with the highest population of aquatic animals are maintained, cared for, and protected; fish, turtles, octopus, jellyfish... Together, all of them create unique habitats. So, don't hesitate to explore the depths and get to know all the marine reserves in Mallorca. 

To ensure you have all the information you need to go scuba diving in Mallorca, we are going to recommend some of the most important locations and tell you everything you need to start your own adventure.   If you are planning your holidays in Mallorca and you feel like going scuba diving, don't hesitate to read on!

Places to dive in Mallorca

Mallorca has a  huge variety of places where you can dive. All over the island of Mallorca you will find places where you can dive and discover different types of sea flora and fauna. On the large sandy esplanades, you will find starfish, spiders, sole, sea bream... While in the rocky areas you will find  sea urchins, groupers, cows, and even spectacular nacras (fan mussels). 

All this creates habitats that people from all over the world come to see; choosing the best places to dive in Mallorca is, of course, essential.  Come and discover all that the Mediterranean Sea has to offer, here are our top  recommendations!

Cala Lliteres

Cala Lliteres is a small beach in Capdepera, also known as La Calita de los Buzos, it is named after one of the oldest diving centres in Mallorca. It is the ideal place if you are just starting out on your diving adventure in Mallorca. 

A Natural Area of Special Interest, where at a depth of just a few metres, you can find underwater caves and tunnels, surrounded by a great variety of aquatic animals. Anemones, Posidonia oceanic, squid...

Cala Lliteres is  one of Mallorca’s  many pretty pebble and rocky beaches and very easy to get to,  just swim out a few metres from the beach, you will reach the islets that hide all this marine life. Cala Lliteres is also perfect for snorkelling in Mallorca. 

Cape Formentor

The northernmost point of Mallorca is also the perfect place for scuba diving in Mallorca. However, it is not suitable for everyone. Because only the most experienced divers will be able to dive in this area, which is around 50 metres deep. 

Diving in Cabo de Formentor you will be able to see how the cliffs go into the water and continue under it. Diving in this part of Mallorca you will find breath-taking caves and rocks that will fascinate and entrance you in equal measure. 

The best way to reach this spot is to leave from Port d´ Pollensa with a specialised diving company. They will be able to show you the best places to go diving in Cabo Formentor and  help you find  the best locations. Getting there by land is also complicated due to the steep  cliffs in  this area of Mallorca.

The Cueva de la Santa

The Cueva de la Santa is the place to be in Mallorca if you are looking to dive through  caves and underwater tunnels. In the Cueva de la Santa, there are two different dive sites, depending on your diving experience, you  can choose one or the other. 

This cave is located between Alcúdia and Pollensa and is very easy to reach. One of the most distinctive characteristics of the Cueva de la Santa is a large rocky esplanade where you can find  a variety of fish, octopus, and jellyfish. Among the rocks, it is also common to find spectacular red starfish. 

Marine reserves in Mallorca

There are up to eleven nature reserves in the Balearic Islands. Six of them are located around the island of Mallorca. Marine reserves are areas that are protected to reduce and  limit fishing and preserve the great diversity of the marine flora and fauna in these areas. That is why diving in Mallorca in these areas is also limited, but fortunately is not prohibited; these reserves, if you are careful, are definitely worth adding to your dive list.

The marine reserve of El Toro and the marine reserve of Malgrats are very close to each other. To dive in the Malgrats and Toro Islands, it is necessary to be accompanied by a specialised school that has permission to dive in these areas. Due to a shipwreck in 2007, there is a unique and spectacular habitat, which makes it an unbeatable place for scuba diving, here you can find sea breams, moray eels and octopuses, among other species.

Sa Dragonera is another marine reserve, a unique island, in Mallorca situated next to Sant Elm and Andratx. To go diving there, it is also compulsory to use the services of  a diving school that has the necessary permits for the areas. In its waters you can find rays, groupers, dentex and many other species of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Lastly, we find the Llevant de Mallorca marine reserve. This is one of the largest marine reserves in Mallorca. It covers a large part of the south coast of Mallorca. Here you will find Cabrera, a small island that is also a national park, that covers both land and sea, it is undoubtedly one of the areas with the most underwater life in the whole of the Mediterranean. 

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