Things to see and do in Alcúdia

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Things to see and do in Alcúdia

When you come on holiday to Mallorca, and you want to see and do everything in the beautiful town of Alcudia and believe us! there is so much to choose from! Then why not try some of our recommendations for the best activities and the best places to visit in and around Alcudia. Why are we telling you all this? Because we want your holidays in Alcudia to be perfect and you take home memories of your holiday in Mallorca that will last you a lifetime.

Alcudia is located in the north of Mallorca and is renowned for its spectacular beaches. Although all the beaches of Mallorca are great places to enjoy the pleasant weather, the beaches in the north of the island are just that little bit more special.  All of them have incredible crystal-clear waters that are so typify the beaches of Mallorca. 

We know that during your holidays in Mallorca you will spend plenty of time enjoying the beach. So, today we want to recommend some other places that will hopefully fascinate you and help you enjoy Mallorca and, especially, Alcudia, just that little bit more. Here are some ideas for things to do and in Alcudia that in our opinion you shouldn’t miss!

The Albufera de Alcudia

The Albufera de Alcudia is an amazing natural landscape right on the doorstep of Alcudia.  Located next to the Muro beach, it is an incredible corner of the island where you can discover all the flora and fauna that makes Mallorca such a special place. So much so, that the Albufera de Alcudia has been declared a Natural Park and is recognized as a protected natural wetland in Spain. 

There are two ways to discover the Albufera de Alcudia. One of them is to follow the different trails around the wetlands on foot but you can also take a bike through these same trails. For lovers of cycling and nature is a very special and fun way to enjoy the Albufera. 

Along the different routes in the Albufera de Alcudia, you will find places that will allow you to get up close to nature. The most popular places are the incredible lookouts where you can see all the birds and migratory birds that pass annually through the Albufera de Alcudia.  

The Harbour of Alcudia:

For sea lovers, in Alcudia, you can also enjoy the Port of Alcudia. Apart from strolling through the harbour itself and discovering the typical "Llauts", traditional wooden boats from Mallorca, you can take many different types of nautical excursions. 

From the Port of Alcudia, you can take boat trips or even rent yourself a boat to explore the entire coastline of Mallorca, many of these trips give you the chance to do some diving and snorkelling at some of the unspoilt virgin coves of Mallorca. 

 If you are a fan of the sea, then exploring the coastline of Mallorca and its amazing seabed is one of the activities that you cannot afford to miss! You will be able to enjoy seeing the Mediterranean’s different marine animals in their natural habitat. Also, with luck, you will catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming very close to the coast of Mallorca.

 The Roman ruins in Alcudia

During your holidays in Mallorca, you should take the opportunity to visit the ancient Roman ruins of Alcudia, also known as the Roman city of Pollentia. Pollentia is the name that Alcudia was called in Roman times. 

The Roman ruins of Alcudia date back to the 100BC, here you will find an entire city with residential areas, a forum and a theatre. Pollentia was a very important city for the Romans and was conquered by the Roman consul Quinto Cecilio Metelo in the year 123 BC.

This incredible archaeology site in Mallorca is open to the public and you can visit it almost every day of the year but remember it is an outdoor space, so if you are going to visit it on summer days, do not forget to take water and sunscreen.

The walled town of Alcudia

The walls and the old town of Alcudia are must-see places while on your holidays in Mallorca.  By exploring Alcudia town on foot, you will discover the essence of this town in Mallorca and only on foot will you uncover some of its most beautiful hidden corners. 

The wall of Alcudia protected the old town of Alcudia for many years. Due to its strategic location in Mallorca, Alcudia was one of the places where pirates and enemies constantly tried to invade, the wall was built to protect the entire town of Alcudia from any intruders.

Although part of the wall was demolished to allow the town of Alcudia to expand, there are still parts of the wall of Alcudia that can be seen, along with the entrance and exit gates of the city. What’s more, don’t forget to take a stroll through the cobbled streets of the old town.

The Lookout at La Victoria

For lovers of views and spectacular sunsets, we recommend you visit La Victoria viewpoint. It is located not far from Alcudia town and has the most incredible views of different beaches and the Mediterranean Sea. 

In addition, at La Victoria, there is a restaurant serving traditional Mallorcan food. It is the perfect place if you want to spend a unique evening trying the typical Mediterranean dishes whilst enjoying the incredible views over the bay of Pollensa; not to be missed!

 The Astoria Playa

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