Water sports Mallorca

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Water sports Mallorca

Mallorca is perfect for water sports, surrounded by beautiful clear waters coupled with a wonderful landscape, which is why if you are thinking of a weekend getaway or taking a well-deserved holiday, and you like doing water sports,  you should choose Mallorca; you won´t be disappointed,  you will have an unforgettable experience during your stay on this idyllic Mediterranean island.


Two of the island's favourite places for water sports are the Bay of Alcúdia and the Bay of Pollença, which are both situated close together.


If you are planning a trip to Mallorca, one of the best places to stay, is The Astoria Playa hotel. An adults-only hotel in Alcúdia that has become a reference hotel for both tourists and locals alike.


Not only will you be close to these two Bays which are ideal for water sports, but you will also enjoy an unrivalled experience and luxury  service.


Just  some of the services we offer at  the Astoria Playa are  two outdoor swimming pools, extremely comfortable rooms and suites, a restaurant with gourmet cuisine and outdoor Jacuzzis.



Bay of Alcúdia


The Bay of Alcúdia is one place that  is always appreciated  its visitors, renowned  for its idyllic beaches and its impressive mountainous backdrop.


Also, here you will find the emblematic town of Alcúdia, famed for its medieval architecture, the beauty of its buildings luring you to take long walks exploring its historic centre.



Pollensa Bay


Another of the high points of Mallorca is the Bay of Pollensa, home to many film locations, where the mountains of the  Sierra de Tramuntana fall steeply  into the Mediterranean Sea. The bay at Pollensa is extremely popular for its  prevailing onshore winds  which make it perfect  for water sports.



What water sports can I do in Mallorca?


There are so many to choose from, but we have narrowed them down to the following recommendations:




Mallorca is perfect for sailing, a perfect way to discover its beautiful coastline.  Catamaran, speedboat, or sailboats are just some of the options. You can take courses, of varying levels of difficulty, to help you make the most of this water sport.


Sailing is a great way to explore the many coves and beautiful beaches Mallorca has to offer,  simply manoeuvre yourself into your chosen spot and drop anchor,  leaving yourselves free to swim and explore the clear waters.




Kitesurfing is an action-packed water sport that is enjoying growing popularity in Mallorca. The hotspots of the kitesurfing scene are in the north of the island at the bay of Alcúdia and  Bay of Pollença due to the prevailing onshore wind conditions.  The colours of the kites are a spectacular sight to be seen on a breezy day.


Kitesurfing is perfect if you dare to  skim along the Mediterranean Sea with  just the help of a kite.


Diving and Snorkelling


If you are curious about the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea, there is nothing better than diving or snorkelling.


Diving in Mallorca is an experience that you will never forget. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world beneath the waves, here you will be able to admire giant groupers, like swarms of gold, and  red horned corals that will leave you speechless.


If you are going to stay several days in Alcúdia, it is advisable to take a short diving course, usually on the final day of the course you will head  further out to sea, where you will get up close to barracudas, cuttlefish, and sea anemones.


On the other hand, if you aren´t keen on being in deep waters, the rocky coves in Mallorca are great for snorkelling. A great way to discover the impressive flora and fauna of the region that lies just below  the surface of the sea.




Mallorca is an ideal place for fishing because of the diversity of fish. You will be able to find the true treasures of the Mediterranean Sea. Rock fishing in the waters of the bay of Alcúdia  you will find species like Seabream, Grouper, and  Cuttlefish.


No fishing rods, no problem! There are plenty of places to rent rods and lures.  There are also plenty of day trips available if you are looking for a bigger catch like the bluetail tuna.


Paddle Surf


Paddle surfing is very trendy at the moment and there is a reason for that, it is really exciting plus it is a sport for people of any age, so it is ideal to try out during your visit to Mallorca.


Unlike windsurfing, for example, it is not about being fast, you simply have to keep your balance on the board whilst soaking up the wonderful scenery.




Finally, among the main water sports, you can do in Mallorca are kayak trips. A great way to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and get to know the island from a completely different perspective by discovering its hidden coastline. A great way to discover some secluded coves only accessible from the water.


Many tourists choose to rent a kayak and stop to dive or snorkel in the middle of the crystal-clear waters of the bay of Alcúdia and bay of Pollensa.



Hotel Astoria Playa


If you are planning a holiday or a weekend getaway to Mallorca, the Astoria Playa is simply the best hotel to stay at.


A modern and extremely luxurious hotel, where you will find two incredible outdoor pools, Balinese beds and Jacuzzis surrounded by well-kept gardens.


The hotel has 127 extremely comfortable rooms and 47 magnificent junior suites so you can enjoy the rest you deserve.


Plus, you will be able to pamper your palate with exquisite dishes, typical of the region as well as  other parts of the country and the world, in our gourmet cuisine restaurant. What's more, the hotel has its own wine cellar, where you will find the best wines in the world to accompany your meals.


It should be noted that in the Astoria Playa we offer a unique experience for our guests, such as romantic experiences, relaxation experiences or sports experiences which includes the exclusive use of our Bike Center.


Finally, it is also worth noting that throughout the hotel you will have free WI-FI so that you remain connected throughout your stay,  great for posting your adventures to your social media.


Location and reservations


The four-star Astoria Playa hotel is located in Puerto Alcúdia, just 150 meters from the amazing white sands of Alcúdia beach.


This makes it perfect for all those who come to Mallorca to do water sports, or just to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean coast.


It is also an ideal location for those looking to go hiking or cycling because of its proximity to some of the best routes on the island.

So, between the luxurious services it offers and the excellent location, it is the perfect hotel if you come to Alcúdia.


Don't think twice, come and enjoy the surroundings of Mallorca on your holidays in Alcúdia and enjoy your favourite water sports with the best four-star accommodation in Alcúdia.